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Milton’s work, “Paradise Lost” can be considered to be an epic poem. There are several characteristics of an epic poem that is evidenced in the “Paradise Lost”. For example, a common element seen in epic poems that were written before Milton’s poem, such as Homer’s “Iliad” , is seeking divine inspiration by invoking the powers of a muse to speak through the writer. This is demonstrated in Milton’s work when he writes, “Sing Heav’nly Muse, that on the secret top: Of OREB or, of Sinai…” Here Milton is seeking the guiding hand of a muse, but not just any muse. Milton is asking God to directly intervene and tell his story of creation through Milton. Typically an epic poem must be long and poetically well-constructed utilizing elements of poetry such, metaphors and similes, personification, and symbolism. Milton’s work “Paradise Lost” is clearly a poem as it is not written in prose, and utilizes figurative language. This is evidenced by Milton comparing the stature of Satan to that of the ancient Greek titans. Another common element in an epic poem is that theme of the main character being a military hero; often the hero must overcome some insurmountable odds. At the very onset of the story we are introduced to Satan right after his legions are defeated and cast out of heaven by God - Satan is the underdog of the story. Satan is portrayed as the military hero, and is shown to be courageous, albeit foolhardy, because he is attempting to overthrow God, who is an omnipotent being incapable of being defeated. Satan is also portrayed as a very charismatic military