MIME199 Team Project Charter Essay

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Team 4

MIME199 Team Project
Deliverable 1 Team Charter for

Team 4: Origins

Team Purpose
Find a futuristic robot and determine what it takes to create the robot.
Randall Boyd, Shuman White, Jonathan Herinckx, Hank Nguyen
Get an A
Complete assignments on time
Work collaboratively

Team Goals
To get at least 95.00%
Complete assignments at least 12 hours before the due date.
Work collaboratively where everyone contributes.
Explore the area of robotics and its capabilities.

Project Team
Project Manager:
Project Proposal Lead Editor:
Final Report Lead Editor:
Lead Poster Producer:
Lead Presenter:

Jonathan Herinckx
Shuman White
Shuman White
Hank Nguyen Randall Boyd

Team Member Contact Information
Randall Boyd
Shuman White
Jonathan Herinckx
Hank Nguyen

boydjohn@onid.orst.edu (503)­348­4575 whitesh@onid.oregonstate.ed u
(503) 913­5479 nguyehan@onid.orst.edu Report Section Author Assignment
Introduction: Hank Nguyen
Ideal Stated: Randall Boyd
Current State: Randall Boyd
Gap Analysis: Jonathan Herinckx

Team 4

Project Plan: Shuman White
Manufacturing Plan: Shuman White
Conclusion: Hank Nguyen
References: Everyone

Team Meeting Schedule
Regular Meeting: Saturday and Wednesday, 4:30­6:30 PM, Library
Emergency Meeting: Thursday 7:00 PM Library

Team Agreements
Keep updated on your email and show up