Essay on Mind and Automatic Unconscious Actions

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Hi I'm KAYSHIA That's just how it is... Along with free will

we are subject to occurances but only we can change how we respond to any given circumstance. absolutely anything that happens is meant to happen. That's how I see it. But god did give us free will, and I truly confide in that. So with that everyone is entitled to what they believe and think. You're opinion may differ from mine. Like

If you go in the army knowing there's a chance you will die or, not come out the same, but you still go. Does it mean you need to change the way you think? No. That's just the way you choose to express your gift of free will. In your mind that is what you believe. That dying for your country, you will die doing something you chose to do, hence free will.

If I believe that trying to return a dog to its owner is good, and that's what I believe to be true. Knowing all of the risks. Yes, the dog may bite me, scratch me, bark or what ever. And I am fully aware of that. But being who I am... i am Willing to use my gift of free will to get this animal to where it needs to be. Yes that is my choice

You wonder about alternate realities and “mistakes” and “choices” you could have made. You wonder where you’d be now if you made a move. Boom. Stop.

There is a reason why you didn’t Do what ever it was that you didn't want to do. I am not talking about a grand plan. I mean that something, some logic, some thought process went on in your head that led you to choose not to make a move. Whatever this thought process was, it happened and forever is it written in history.

“Don’t regret anything, because at the time it was exactly what you wanted.”

I am not talking “pre-destiny” in the sense that you cannot decide your life for yourself. You and everyone else can make the daily decisions that change your lives dramatically… but what I am saying is that the “choice” you ultimately make… is the one you are destined to make. No one is telling you who to marry, per say, but whoever you pick is the one you were “destined” to pick because you picked that person didn’t you? How can someone say something was not “meant” to happen or it could have “happened differently” if what happened, happened to begin with? If something HAPPENS there is proper cause to