Analysis Of Brene Brown's Speech On Vulnerability

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Brene’ Brown really opens everyone’s eyes with her speech on vulnerability and how we perceive it. She explains that vulnerability is normal and everyone experiences it at some point in their life. She also connects vulnerability to fear and shame. Brene’ states that if you have no shame it is impossible to feel worthy.

Assumptions made by Brown:
-We make the uncertain, certain.
- We try to numb the feeling of vulnerability.
-We are perfectionists, trying to make ourselves and everyone around us perfect and flawless.
- We pretend our words and actions have little to no effect on other people’s lives.

Evidence: Today we are the most in debt, obese, medicated, and addicted adults. This perfectly explains and provides evidence as to why most people suffer from insecurity and vulnerability problems. As humans, I believe our job is to simply love one another. Instead of doing just that we blame others and mistreat them in ways we sometimes can’t even understand. We do not realize the hurt that can be caused by a simple word.

Personally, I think Brown did a great job of covering all points. She opened my eyes with some key points that I would have never even thought about.

I enjoyed listening to her speech about vulnerability and how to overcome it. She made some great points and had great evidence and proof to back them up. We need to embrace vulnerability and always keep in mind that we are worthy enough. Brown says we can’t treat others right if we fail