Mind and Elephant Essay

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ENC 1101

In this story shooting a elephant Orwell has two mind sets that are conflicting due to him not felling like the elephant is that much of a threat and trying to please the natives. In the beginning of the story Orwell speaks about how the natives laugh at him, talk behind his back and how the Buddhist stand in corners and jeer at Europeans. In the story he makes a comment " I thought that the greatest joy in the world would be to drive a bayonet into a Buddist priest's guts." By that sentece alone i believe he doesn't like the people in his town. In the other hand as we read along, the conflict with the elephant did not seem serious at first When Orwell speaks to the people and ask about the elephant's behavior. The people say that if you don't approach the elephant it won't harm you. As Orwell continues his investigation and putting the pieces together of what is going on a lady screams and they find the man that was crushed by the elephant. When Orwell gets the riffle and starts walking to find the elephant the crowd grows bigger and more pressure comes from the natives to kill the elephant. This is were the conflict beggins, in one side you have the natives that don't like you and a elephant that is not causing any harm. Owell makes a comment "But even then i was not particularly of my own skin, only of the watchful yellow faces behind." Orwell was not thinking about the wrong or correct action he just wanted to please the crowd. The pressure kept growing as