Mind and Ever-present Gleitbildern Fluorescence Essay

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Top of Form
Melted away in the streams flooded meet of glistening heat to requests from the old days, visions of ancient cities on
Aztec walls and floors extend applied in spirals
Quantum physics, burst diving, floating, flowing patterns
Sumerian on the rock walls, sinking, unfolded in the
Mechanics of the reborn Spektraluniversums breaks, the illuminated world of the mind in the ever-present Gleitbildern fluorescence.
Twitching schnapps shots and fragmentary sketches of
Knowledge to decompose waves of harmony and tranquility.
Entmaterealisierter body disappears for meatless, detached mind rids itself of its peripheral-have become
Case to ascend to heights and incomprehensible to deepen in the newly phosphorus equal scoring the
Between finally found ways bent, warped back doors to suddenly manageable
Itself. Consciousness. Segmented stereoscopes of recognized
Break through the perception of the secret barriers prehistoric egos. Undermined paths for trapped reality visible to
Indefinable moments of ecstasy and euphoria waver-changing play of the mental barrier of fire works.
Metamorphoses of universal geometry diffuse in recursive wake of a storm front of liquefied
Supersymmetry. Cascades besch├╝tzender security,-familiar sight of expanding pupil -, flow over the hyper-sensitized
Sensors in the sense of cerebral neural thunderstorm core to in the vibrating loops of reasoning to transcend. Trembling fins the escaping in concentric circles