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Luvelle McCullough October 29, 2012

The Road to Poverty

People remain within the in binding grips of poverty due to poor financial literacy & complete reliance on government dependency. The common minded individuals within today’s society base their lively values and desires on their current 9-5 minimum wage income and weak unsubstantial liquidated assists which subdues themselves into settling for the rations of life’s offerings below what their capabilities are able to prosper. As time proceeds onward, dreams and ambitions are minimized from what luxurious amazement it was as a child, to the petty common casualties observed today. Every action is followed by a thought and those actions will not change unless the thought process does so itself. The rat race, your way of thinking and financial literacy are all key components to a stable and successful lifestyle.
The Rat Race
The rat race constricts the working class of a better, more profound way of living. Their limitations are of four walls closing in, suffocating their mental atmosphere, rationing their way of ponder. This makes one vulnerable to their emotion, which overtime takes control of their actions. What is the rat race? The rat race is a day by day cycle of awaking at the crack of dawn, to start and finish your whole day at a 9-5 plus, job you’re not at all a custom too. The average working individual clocks out between 5-8pm (maybe later) to then attend to their second job at the residence of their own estate concerning children, cooking, cleaning and possibly educational needs to then, after its all said and done, end their day in slumber at about 10pm-12am (or later) to repeat said process 4-5hrs later. This is a very stressful and stagnant routine and so you may ask, what’s the motivation? What’s driving you to stay consistent which such an abroad complication? It was said that over time, emotion would take-over ones vulnerability. Research and countless analysis show that fear and desire are two major emotional entities, rooting into the minds of the drained individual, controlling lively actions, thus, blinding conscious accountabilities. To be applied in ones life within the rat race, fear is what wakes the individual day by day to attend their jobs and desire is what drives them to working harder for extra hours in hopes of a higher pay. Unfortunately people are dedicated to this way of living all their life and 9 out of 10 times, never found what they was looking for. These are examples of the fact that, your actions will never change, unless your way of ponder does so itself.

You’re Way of Thinking
In your years of adolescence, you pondered dreams and ambitions that once envisioned, gave meaning and excitement to your life. However, as time went on you took on challenges and responsibilities that held you accountable for your actions and decisions. These obstacles became a hassle to maintain on constant day to day bases and so the struggle became intense. For most people, emotions came into play. You became vulnerable and discouragement rings of a constant tune playing in the depths of your mind. You start to judge your general character and meaning in life based on personal envious speculations you observed of everyone else around you. Your vulnerability becomes more and more accessible to your growing emotions and now, doubt plays its part. From this point, you start to dilute your dreams and ambitions with your struggles and conflictions that intensify your life and it devolves into a dimmer and dull imagination that fits into your current lifestyle. It’s because of this a plethora of individual’s looks at luxurious attractions as a minor fantasy instead of a major goal. Your whole life is now based on 7-10 dollars an hour salary and anything above that standard is looked over. The world offers a major selection of luxury and