Essay on Mind and Song

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My Favorite Song
Music, a kind of art form, plays a significant role in our lives. There are many types of music, such as jazz, country, rock, rap, blue and so on. But no matter what they are, they all have many benefits for us. Music could be background in many occasions, which helps to promote atmospheres. Sometimes music could bring up previous memories. In addition, music likes trigger that changes our motions and encourage minds. Therefore, music not only enriches my free time, but also gives me real motivation in my life.
My favorite song is through the rain. Sweet sound and wonderful words make me like this song. The main idea of song is that you are lost in the world, you should always keep strong, no matter how terrible situation you are in, and so you can stand up and through the rain. Exactly, the words in this song touch my heart deeply. The reason why I like this song very much is it related to me in some ways. In the early days when I came to United States, strange environment, different culture, and difficult communication made me have a period tough time. I was felt hopeless and lonely, but appearance of this song changed my mind and helped me get out of the trouble. Obviously, this song is very meaningful to me because I had real experiences. A song could bring out huge influence to people’s life. When I had depressed mood before, this song let me see the hope and make me feel better, which is magic that only music has. In fact, music could appear in