Essay about Mind and Vision

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A vision is a personal rendition of how one see’s something or hopes to see in the future. Born from a dream, a hope or a wonder. Wether or not the visions is pursued or not is determined by the will power of one’s imagination. Every person in the world has a different vision; meant for good or designed to create mass chaos, each and everyone’s vision is unique. By having a vision it is what differentiate people from all being the same minded humans. One may have a vision for peace and is determined to make a change. Others driven to corrupt society, yet may not have the will power or time to make that vision happen. Visions are created by one’s imagination and either are followed up to make a change or die off. Visions can be created from a spark in ones my mind, an issue heard or seen about or even a ponder, thinking; what if? A vision starts as a personal view but can be obscured by society, peers and the media. A vision starts off pure, unique to ones thought, but as a vision develops, others thoughts and ideas are inputted creating a vision that is now not unique to ones thought. Instead a vision created by multiple perspectives. Countries create visions from multiple perspectives, except communist ones of course. All kinds of visions are explained and debated about. In the end hopefully something for the country is created and put in place to create a better well being for the citizens. Visionaries including, Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Obama all challenged society with they’re visions of “what if?”. All 3 have visions on how to change the world and make it better for everyone. Jack Nicholas had a vision of becoming the best golfer in the world. Through determination, practice and the hope of always becoming better, he has become to many the best golfer to ever live. Just through a dream and a vision so strong and the determination put into that vision makes anything possible. A vision either lives or dies from the determination and hope put in to it. If one’s vision is vivid and strong, plus the drive to make the vision a reality is there, then anything is possible. If the vision is made up and believed as doable but no determination is put into making it a reality then their is no hope for that vision. Being determined and sticking with the vision is key to making it a success. All famous visionaries are mentally strong and were constantly becoming more and more determined. Some visions are easier to accomplish then others. For example, ending world hunger compared to becoming a pro snowboarder. Becoming a pro snowboarder takes guts, determination and will power. Eventually it can be done. To end world hunger mass amounts of people with the same vision are needed. Enormous amounts of determination, drive and hope is key to success, and finally the supplies needed to make the ending of world hunger a success are so substantial it is a ginormous task to be completed, but eventually it can be done. Ending hitlers vision of a perfect world in his mind was a tall order. requiring many countries to come end his terror. Through the will of protecting all humans, determination and man power they allies were able to successfully defeat Hitler and his evil visions. Everyone in the world has different visions. This is what makes humans socially unique. Each and every human has a special vision, rate of determination and will power. One might believe in world peace, others have visions of world domination. Either way without having a personally vision human society would be like different looking computers. On the outside seem different, but inside every one is the exact same, thinks the exact same and does the exact