Mine: African-american Civil Rights Movement and maya Angelou Essay

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13 June 2013
Maya Angelou recounts a night in the 1930’s when she and her community of African American sat intensly listening to a boxing match between two very important men in the society. Champion of the World is her version of what happened that night in her Uncle Willie’s store. She explains what it is like to be an African American in Arkansas during this time. Maya Angelou was born in 1928 in Saint Louis. While growing up, she did not have what we would call a cookie cutter upbringing. This night in the 1930’s was very different than most nights for African Americans. The boxer, Joe Louis, was an African American that would be fighting a white man named Carnera. The whole town gathered in this little store to listen to this fight. “The last inch of space was filled, yet people continued to wedge themselves along the walls of the store.” (Angelou 93). Everyone was on the edge of their seats listening to the small radio while the fight went on. Mothers, fathers, and even children filled the store buying colas and listening intensely. She built up the suspense that is made me as a reader want to keep reading to find out the outcome. She talked of what the announcer was saying at each moment of the fight and every move the boxers made, “A quick jab to the head… A left to the head and right and another left.” (Angelou 94). Finally at the last moment of the fight, the final hit Carnera was knocked to the ground. “He’s on the canvas, ladies and gentlemen.” (Angelou 95). Everyone was on their toes now listening closely to the announcer as he is talking. “One, two, three, four, five, six, seven…” (Angelou 95). All of sudden