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The Code of Ethics for the NIKE, INC., after an extensive search I have found that NIKE calls it, “Inside the Lines”. Which defines the standards of conduct we expect of all our employees. Employees are required to annually verify they have read and understand the standards. The accounting, auditing and any internal controls that may have been violated in any manner are to be reported immediately by an employee. This Code also applies to our suppliers. NIKE employees are to respect the rights and to provide a healthy work environment. (NIKE, Inc., 2013) The above is just a shortened statement of what is required of the employees, and any suppliers or contractors of NIKE, and any of the brands. NIKE code of ethics have some good points in what is required by its employees, first off the list its states, EMPLOYMENT is VOLUNTARY the contractor doesn’t use forced labor, including prison labor, indentured labor, bonded or other forms of labor. The contractor is responsible for any fees. Then goes on about the basics of all companies that have to deal with age at time of employment, discrimination, and pay, and work hours, healthy workplace. (NIKE, Inc., 2013). The same layout of the ethics are based off NIKE for the brands of Hurley and Converse, figured it would be a little different but just changed the heading for them three companies. As for any current issues with gaps in the NIKE code of conduct, we will always see the issue with “sweat shops”, “child labor” etc. The following article “How activism forced NIKE to change its ethical game.” The NIKE Company has been targeted just as other large companies have been for having shops that have foreign countries to manufacture its