Mine: Problem Solving and Young Girls Essay

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In the Joseph Cambell Hero’s Journey he teach all the steps a hero has to pass in order to get what he wants to accomplish. The movie Brave can be qualifies as Heroin quest journey is different from the normal hero’s quest journey movies because this one instead of been like always a man trying to become a hero. In this movie the one who is in charge of the journey is a girl. Brave is a movie that represents negative and positive lessons for young girls. For example, girls that have immature behaviors do not accomplish their goals, conflicts may come along the way, but they need to have to a right behavior to overcome those conflicts, and they should learn from their mistakes in order to become mature enough to take responsibilities. At the beginning of the movie Brave, is shown that Merida is very different from her mother, Queen Elinor. Merida’s mom is very ladylike while Merida is not ladylike at all. Merida is a young girl; she has red-messy hair and also she is presented as the oldest child of the family which makes her have more responsibilities. For example, her mother tells her that she needs to get ready to be presented to some princes and she will eventually have to get married. Once Merida listen what her mother says; she begins to scream to her mom and say that is not her plan, and she does not want to get married. Then she goes to her room and begins to cut everything with her sword. Merida never wants to follow the kingdoms rule and most of the time is very defiant on what her mom tell her to do. This childish tantrum makes her be seen that she is not ready to take upon this responsibility and shows how Merida is been rebellious toward her mom. This can be a negative lesson for young girls because it teaches that they have to do tantrums and be rebellious in order to get what they want, which in real life crying, destroying or tantrums are not the best manners to ask for something or solve problems in life. As shown above, all of the childish behavior that Merida have lead her to get in problems just because she was being selfish and just wanted to get what she wants and decide not to listen her parents. In the Middle of the movie when Merida gets really upset about Queen Elinor telling her to get married Merida goes into the wilderness and follow the magic whispers that lead her to a witch. She goes inside the witch home and Merida tells the witch that she is there because her mother does not understand her and she will like to have a potion to make Queen Elinor change her attitude toward Merida. The witch gave Merida a cupcake, but Merida in the meantime she never think that her mother will become a problem after she eats the cupcake. As soon as the Queen eat the cupcake she begins to feel very sick and suddenly after she turns into big bear and it becomes a big problem to the kingdom. Merida’s Dad wanted to kill the bear, which was her wife, and Merida was feeling very sad because she never asked the witch to turn her mom into a bear. Then there was also a war approaching into the kingdom, all of these conflicts will never had happen if only Merida will have not acted in a childish manner when their parents asked her to get married. This can be shown to young girls as a positive lesson to learn even though it have conflicts. Young girls can learn that they have to solve their problems by talking in a good manner and instead of been selfish or wanting to change their parents attitude young girls should their parents what are