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The Young Change Agents
Every organizational structures and practice has the role of the change agent and it plays a significant part in organization. A case like ‘The Young Change Agents’ focuses on the change leader and the bottom of the ladder. Following by that in this case study James Shaw who joined AIESEC- world largest student-run international student exchange and development organization and his main responsibilities were recruiting, training, motivating, utilizing and retaining the organization’s members. Therefore as a self directed and self motivated person, Shaw kept himself engaged with the organization, and spent time on networking within the firm and making suggestions where he felt
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This teamwork proved to be one of their best assets in the time to come. After working continuously day and nights the trio could not put the new strategy in action but they didn’t loose their motivation and keep working and their creativity figured out the link to hit and achieve their goal and finally apply the concept not only in PwC also adopted by other large organization in the world. Therefore, to be successful it is very important to have a personal characteristics, attitudes, qualities and teamwork and most important motivation.

Effectiveness of Shaw and his colleagues:

Shaw was very effective to his colleagues. Shaw and Middelburg work very hard to achieved their goals and their colleagues was very helpful and motivated. Therefore, to success in this case they realize to have any hope at all of success they need a senior executive. They were much focused and deeply involved with their vision and they said “they have nothing to lose, we were willing to risk failing” (Jick T.D and Peiperl M.A 2003, pg- 365), therefore it clearly show that how effective was Shaw and his colleagues. Another reason to be effective is that their knowledge, hard work, recruits experienced worker like Fabio Sgaragli, he had been the national president of AIESEC Italy and also had also worked with Shaw at AIESEC international in