Ming Dynasty Essay

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Ming Dynasty
Ming Dynasty was the ruling of China for 276 years, from 1368-1644. In between this time 16 different Emperors ruled. The Ming dynasty was a difficult time on china; the taxes was raised multiple times, many of the Emperors wasted money on themselves, and innocent people were killed if they did not agree with an Emperors demands. We have decided to research four of the Emperors; Hongwu, Zhengtong, Zhengde, Chongzen.
The first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty was Hongwu, he ruled from 1368-1398, and was one of the longest ruling Emperors. During his reign, Hongwu instituted military, administrative, and educational reforms that centered power in the kingdom. Emperor Zhengtong was the sixth and the eighth emperor of the Ming Dynasty. In the 14th year of Zhengtongs reign, he led the military against the Wala Clan in Mongolia, and lost. He was taken captive and held as a prisoner on the grassland. While he was held prisoner his brother Zhu Qiyu became Emperor Jingtai. When Zhengtong returned from captivity Zhu didn’t want to give up the throne, and put him under house arrest. In the eighth year of Zhu’s reign, he grew deathly ill. Zhengtong took this time and used to his advantage, regaining the throne from his brother and becoming Emperor again. He reigned for 7 more years until he died in 1464.
Zhengde reigned from 1505- 1521 during his ruling, he indulged himself in pleasure, raising taxes to outrageous rates. In about 1508, corruption had overcome the kingdom. Many army officials were being sold and bought; mostly from rebels. It wasn’t until 1510 that Zhengde noticed all the thief that was going on. Zhengde…