Essay Ming: Ming Dynasty and 14 th Ming Emperor

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<Kangxi Emperor>
Kangxi Emperor was the fourth emperor of the Qing dynasty. He ruled over Qing from 1662 to 1722. He succeeded at 7 years old, so Oboi worked as a regent. But he ruled over China by himself after few years later. He attacked on Russian outposts and concluded the treaty of Nerchinsk(1689) with Russia. He also created an examination for loyalism. He is called as a sage ruler.

The Manchus founded the Qing Dynasty(1644-1911). They are Tungusic people and located in Manchuria and Southern Siberia. They are originally known as the Jurchen. Nurhaci unified other Manchu tribes and the united tribes founded the Qing Dynasty.

<Wanli Emperor>
He is the 14th Ming emperor and he ruled from 1573 to 1620. He was a very weak emperor. Zhang Juzheng who was a Wanli’s tutor worked as a privy councilor. In Wanli’s region, Ming was not in good situation because of eunuch and invasion from other countries or tribes like Mongol.

<Banner system>
The banner system was created in 1601. It is a military organization system united the Manchus. This system was used for military mobilization. 300 warriors equal 1 company, 5 companies equal 1 battalion, 10 battalions equal 1 banner, and total is 15,000 men.
Emperors of Ming Dynasty continued distrust of the bureaucracy. So they used eunuchs in political surveillance. So eunuchs could get a power as imperial surrogates and eunuch dictators like Wang Zhen and Liu Jin appeared.