Mini-Case Facing Termination Essay

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Why do you think you made these mistakes?

Please start this case discussion from the point of view that you are the main character - that is you are the Vice President of Marketing.

So you may start the discussion beginning with "I am to blame for the current state of affairs because I did not understand ... " (fill in why you are to blame, what did you not do and what did you do that helped create the current situation)

I am to blame for the current state of affairs because I did not do enough test and deep investigation for the new software program. Honestly, I don’t know this software really well. All I did just heart about some overstate features from attendant at the booth, read some material about it and called a couple of
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And, the younger associate Amanda didn't understand the system very clear. I should consider more about this problem and try my best to make her understand the new salesforce automation tool clear. As a vice president of marketing, I should make salespeople understand what the new system is clearly, how to use it, and try my best to get the support from them. However, I didn’t. If I achieved theirs support very well, the program may run better and the situation may be different.
What’s more, I made a critical mistake about Jenny Cantera, the very first IT director with little experience in my firm. I should realize that she might make some mistake as a new IT director with little experience. I shouldn't trust her that much about the installation skill even though she looks smart and is good at technology. However, she does not have a lot of experiences. The accident may happen just next second. As a vice president, it’s my fault to believe a new hand. If I didn't trust her that much, the situation may be different.
However, even though Jenny did her job really well, I made a mistake on the time. I shouldn't allow the installation after three to four weeks. If I really want to make profits relay on the new salesforce automation software quickly, I should make the installation finished as soon as possible. I shouldn't accept this late installation. It is too late. My firm spent a sizeable