Analysis Of Mini Cooper Turbo Engine

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This report has been constructed to explain & evaluate a practical laboratory session undertaken. It looks at the different variables of a Mini Cooper turbo engine. Identifying the most important & influential of the variables, we are able to see which are best to optimise for fuel or power efficiency. It was identified that to obtain one, it usually comes at the expense of another, & the ability to compromise for use is essential.

1.0 Objectives
This report is aimed at familiarising ourselves with engine testing, using a test cell & a computer programme to generate the required useful data we seek.
The report will set out to produce an engine map of the given mini engine, it will look at how well the mini engine is mapped for its application, and evaluate the performance of the turbo and intercooler.
We will also look to identify as many variables as possible that could affect the fuel consumption of the engine.

2.0 Experimental Setup and Instrumentation

The Experiment involved using a BMW 1.6 Turbo Mini Cooper S engine. The engine was set up on a test cell, & will be using the CADET system to run the desired test & display the required data. The torque & speed are to be measured using a dynometer & a strain gauge based load cell. The engine will be set up so it operates exactly as it would in normal working conditions, even a key is used to start the ignition & an accelerator pedal increases the revs, however the power is dissipated as heat, so