Essay about Mini Management Project

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Dan Egan
March 19, 2015
The Powerful Mini

3. If I were in charge of the Mini product line, I would keep all of the current marketing features that they use on their website. I love the fact that after you purchase your vehicle you can track it on the website. This builds up anticipation for the buyers which increases enjoyment of the product. Also, each year a Mini owner gets sent a birthday card for the car which, to me, is brilliant. This keeps the buyer reminded that they made a good decision for buying their Mini. I think it is wonderful that buyers and interested buyers can play a Mini racing game while on the website. In my opinion, this re enforces that, in buying this car, you are receiving enjoyment and an experience. It keeps the potential buyers attitude positive. To stay at the forefront of their market, I would do my best to keep being innovative. What they have done so far is something completely original and that is what they have to continue to do. One idea that I would have is to run constant promotions and specials on Mini Coopers. You have to make sure people know that you are there and when you buy our vehicle you are getting a good deal and something special. I would make sure that the people who were interested in another small car know that the right decision is the Mini. You have to show people that your product is better than the competitors. One way to do this would be simple comparison charts on the website or commercials. This shows confidence in the company and superiority of other