Mini Matt Short Story

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The story of Mini Matt

Matt Meagher was born in Detroit, Michigan. He was always rather smaller than the others and everyone made fun of him. People would always call him mini matt because he was so small. One day he was on the swing minding his own business when Billy came to the swing set. He was the biggest bully around and he always picked on Matt. Matt was scared now, he had to leave. Right when he got off the swing Billy was standing right in his face.

“HEY MINI MATT” he blurted out. “Want to go to Worlds of Fun later, oh never mind, you’re not tall enough to go on any of the rides!”. Everyone started laughing hysterically at Billy’s joke. The whole school was watching. “Stop it” Matt said. “I’m done with you” he said crying.
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He hated when people picked on him. It was the worst feeling in the world. He wished that one day he could just get bigger. Then he thought of an idea, an amazing idea he thought. Maybe I should just eat a bunch of candy that I got from last year’s Halloween. Matts never eats food, that’s why he is so small. He started feasting on the candy and started gaining weight rapidly. Every time he threw up in his mouth, he just kept swallowing it to gain more weight. 300 candy wrappers later, he was finished. He had felt so sick, he never wanted to leave his room ever again. He then fainted. He then woke up and looked at his stomach and his a bulging potbelly. There were tears in his clothes because he was so outsized of his clothes now. He then left his room and went downstairs to show his