Mini Research Paper

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Quique Garcia
Honors English 10
26 May 2014
Mini Research Paper There are many careers that interest me in my career technical area, especially because there are many different career paths to take within my area. I would be very interested to have a career from any of these jobs, and would greatly enjoy doing them. Many of these career options I would find fun and new every time despite being the same work. Not only do these careers seem nice to me but they also would provide me with a very decent amount of pay that could help me gain a nice home and do well for myself. Here are just a couple examples of the jobs that catch my eye.
Being that I come from an art related technical program, one of my first choices for a career is obviously and Artist. An artist’s job is to convey thoughts, opinions, and ideas threw their work which I find intriguing, being a form of expression. I also like that you honestly don’t need any formal education, although it may help, to succeed at this job. There are also a great number of types of artists such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and so on. The salary can range from $19,580 to 41,280$ to $79,950 a year for artists of the highest caliber. There are many aspects of being an artist that would make a good career for me.
The other career that interests me is Video Game Art Director. A great deal of experience is needed for this job and will require some college degree if I wish to get hired. Despite this I’m still very interested in the career choice because it would mean I get the opportunity to create video games which I love playing. Even though long hours on the computer will be spent in order to make this career successful I wouldn’t mind. Also a salary ranging from $48,000 to $200,000 is possible which I would be very happy with. I don’t even mind starting at a low level of