Minimum Wage Essay

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Minimum Wage
Latonya Lee
Linda Record

Minimum Wage Minimum Wage is in every working place. Some company’s minimum wages are determined based on the state they reside in, while others are just based on what the company feels like paying. Each workplace offers a different amount of pay, however the employees do their best to accept each offer respectfully even when they don’t agree on it. Minimum Wage is beneficial, despite the fact of it being such low pay, because it can provide financial support, motivates someone to work hard, and provides personal experience. However there are many others who would disagree with the values that a minimum wage paying job would have.
Financial support plays a big part of getting paid minimum wage. Many people who are looking for jobs are trying to financially support their families or even just themselves. Minimum wage to some people is considered a big step when it comes to paying bills, rent, paying for food and even for educational purposes. Most people who had never worked or had lost a job are very appreciative of minimum wage jobs because, with our current economy they could be in the same position as thousands of other families and have no income at all "it's better to have a job than to have no job". For those who have never worked for minimum wage or have gone from working a high paying job to a low paying job feel differently on the value of financial support. They see minimum wage as a job that someone will hate but will work it as long as it brings home money. Many people feel as though working these jobs is just a part of survival and that these are jobs that anyone living in a meritocratic society can do. Many questions that they ask those who work minimum wage are “What's going to happen when the job market picks up? Are you going to remain in your job and being unhappy for the rest of your life? Or are you going to begin by planning towards getting "there"?”
Minimum wage can also be a motivator. It can motivate workers to work harder so that their pay can be raised. An employee may work past their required hours, work on their off days, or even ask for extra work. Most employees working minimum wage are always trying to find ways to get promoted because with a promotion comes a pay raise.
One thing about working a minimum wage job is not only about getting the money but it is also about the work experience. It can benefit you by showing that you have previous work experience from another company. Another good thing about minimum wage jobs is that