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Research Reading Journal 6 TOPIC: Should San Jose Increasing The Minimum Wage?
SOURCE: Seike, Colton. "Students and Companies Rave over Minimum Wage Increase." Spartan Daily, 2 Feb. 2014. Web. 7 May 2015. <>.

The title tells me that students and companies were happy for increasing minimum wage. I’m not sure why the companies were happy?

AFTER READING The writer interviewed a manager who worked in San Jose to ask how he felt about increasing the minimum wage. The companies careless about increasing the minimum wage, because they believe “good business will continue into the future.” Increasing the MW was given works about $4000 dollar a years. It was very helpful for economy and worker could get a better life. Cities where near San Jose considered increase the MW above $10.

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Students and companies rave over minimum wage increase by Colton SeikeFeb 2, 2014 6:27 pmTags: City of San Jose, minimum wage increase

Colton Seike| Spartan Daily
Danielle Simmonds, a barista at Philz Coffee in Downtown San Jose, brews a customers coffee during her shift. San Jose raised it's minimum wage which became effective January 1, 2014 from $10 to $10.15 an hour because of the annual cost of living. As President Obama continues to fight the battle to raise minimum wage nation wide, the city of San Jose beat him to the punch and increased the hourly pay again.
On Jan. 1, San Jose increased the minimum wage from $10 an hour to $10.15 an hour for an estimated 40,000 workers, according to Dr. Scott Myers-Lipton, a sociology professor at San Jose State who helped get the minimum wage initiative on the ballot in 2012.
Philz Coffee in downtown San Jose is one of the companies that has been impacted and increased their wage.
“I think it is a good thing,” said Komiel Mohsen, manager at Philz Coffee in San Jose. “We are giving people better wages. It’s not really hurting your bottom line as much as everyone says it is.”
Some business managers, like Mohsen, are not concerned about the raise because of how well they are doing and he believes that good business will continue into the future.
“We stay consistently busy,” Mohsen said. “Giving them better wages, it gives them a sense of ownership for their jobs.”
Mohsen said that they are not afraid of hiring more people in the future, but they are comfortable right now with 24 workers on payroll.
“We are constantly hiring people and bringing them on,” Mohsen said.
According to Myers-Lipton, unemployment in San Jose is at a five-year low, at below seven percent and is in the midst of the highest job growth in recent years.
“Every year we are going to look at (the minimum wage),” Mohsen said. “We do not want our company to be a place that gives minimum wage.”
Minimum wage is not only affecting the business owners across Silicon Valley. Myers-Lipton said that it is affecting the entire working class in