Minimum Wage Argument Essay

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Are you correctly informed that 15 percent of Americans, or 3 in every 20 people, live in poverty? And most people who are in poverty live on minimum wage. The minimum wage is the lowest amount an employer can pay an employee; and it should be raised. The low minimum wage is preventing people from living lives and doing things they enjoy.
The minimum wage should be increased is because poverty will decrease. If we give more money to the workers that need money means less people that need money. This means that more money in a workers pocket, the more they can afford. We can further prove this if somebody has a family. To sustain a family, one need $289 a week for just food, the average minimum wage worker right now makes only $290 a week (Google). This means that it is
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According to SIRS Discoverer, 23 states have a higher minimum wage then the federal’s. Also, Economic Editor Bryce Covert stated that 80% of Americans support a raise to $10.10. And who would not want to help people obtain more money?
Lastly, According to multiple sources, If the minimum wage increased with the growing economy, then the wage would be near $20. If the minimum wage was increased, then less people will look for money in the government, and more will go out and work (Cap Action War Room/Think Progress, 2014). This means that the government will have more money to spend on improving the country. And, logically, If less people are in poverty, the higher the US is on the global rankings, and the more people will come, and the economy will grow.
Some people think that the minimum wage should not be increased because jobs won’t take any minimum wage workers. But the company would be big enough to pay minimum wage workers if they were accepting job interviews. People also believe that all of the minimum wage workers are just teens looking for some easy money, According to Steven E. Haugen, 58.7% percent of minimum wage workers are adults. That’s more than