Minimum Wage Benefits

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When a large number of people get a pay hike, it means they will ultimately spend more. They will want to buy something extra or buy something they couldn’t afford before more comfortably (United States, 1947). When this happens, it means that the person needs less from the government aid and spends more from his/her pocket. That in return trickles down to the retailer and do the producers thus the economy boost (United States, 1947). By defining the minimum wage, the federal government prevents the worker from exploitation and underemployment can that lead to low production and low turnover that affects the inflation rate (Card, & Krueger, 1995). Minimum wages help in ensuring the inflation rate if kept from increasing rapidly. The government does this by ensuring that income inequality and fair wealth distribution are maintained in check with minimum wages since they are two factors of the economy that are critical (Card, & Krueger, 1995). When the minimum wage employees spend, then businesses are earning more and need to hire more workers to keep up with the increased sales from the minimum wage employees who are buying more (Card, & Krueger, 1995). It is very obvious that employees who are making a higher minimum wage feel more comfortable and satisfied with their minimum wage jobs. That means that they are …show more content…
That means that some workers with increased earning would comfortably qualify for a larger child tax (Card, & Krueger, 1995).When I can afford the basic this in life, I would involve myself in any crime. So is them that earn a low income. When they can provide what they want, they will not need to sell drugs or steal from them other of beg from other to meet their needs. That, in turn, leads to a reduced crime rate thus encourage people to join the workforce rather than pursuing money through illegal means (Card, & Krueger,