Minimum Wage In America

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The minimum wage in America has been the subject of debate for many years. Many people argue we should be careful about sharp increases in the minimum wage because of the resulting inflation (higher labor costs equal higher consumer prices) and layoffs. Others believe the minimum wage is too low to support a family and should be raised to keep up with the cost of living.Write an essay analyzing and evaluating these opposing views on the minimum wage. You may include personal experience, knowledge, or observations.

However, The wages of a person is depend on the skills and abilities such as, a doctor has different earning than a plumber or a teacher; But, I agree everyone should earn at least to feed his family and fulfill the basic requirements. With the rapidly increasing costs of food and house, government should increase the minimum wages. Minimum wages are not only necessary for the individual, but also prevent from diseases and crimes.Moreover, It will enhance the confidence in the social group and
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These groups, mainly depend on their current income as they generally don't have much savings, assets or other income sources to support. while, cost of living is increasing but, the income is not supported in the same way. This is not only leading to stress, but, deduct the relaxing hours of life, such as overtime in the workplace to maintain the cost and cuts in the holidays or vacations.

Lastly, increasing in the minimum wages leads to the confidence as people feel secure themselves from economic point of view. Economic safety is the root of social and educational development. A good earning person can easily plan the better future for the children.

Therefore, growth in income should be according to the growth of rising prices of essential commodities of living. This would prove to be a leading step to keep the society happy, healthy and safe from the