Minimum Wage Increase

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Millions of families are living off of $7.25 an hour or less. Minimum wage is an unbelievably low amount ,and seems unrealistic for anybody to live off. The minimum wage is slowly increasing in certain states ,but not in all and it is not always increasing to a feasible amount. With this in mind minimum wage in the U. S needs be raised to at least $15 per. hour for a various number of reasons that could affect us all in a very positive way.
Although some may argue that with an increase of minimum wage comes an increase in taxes throughout the U.S. This is a valid argument but once the wages increase fewer people would worry about money issues and the increase in taxes wouldn’t affect people as much as it would without an increase in the minimum
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Another good change that would come from the increase of the national minimum wage is an increase in the economy and job growth. Although that is a valid argument I feel as if the quality of work will increase with higher pay and quality is usually better than quantity. This is evident through studies that compare increased wages vs. normal wages such as one between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In this experiment New Jersey had a wage increase by 80 cents and Pennsylvania didn’t increase at all,“Krueger and Card observed that job growth in the fast food industry was similar in both states, and found "no indication that the rise in the minimum wage reduced employment.(1)” These changes are all positive and with the increase in the wage will result in only positive results throughout America. “A total of 19 million workers across the nation will benefit from these raises sparked by the Fight for $15”(1).
Minimum Wage is a large issue affecting many parts of America and the whole world. Some positive results that will come with the increase of minimum wage include fewer people and families living in poverty, and economic growth throughout the U.S. And most researches show that there is little to no actual proof that an increase in the minimum wage would have a negative effect on the U.S. in any way. This issue needs to be fixed badly and with a fix would come a better United