Minimum Wage Issue

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A global issue that I am going to be researching is minimum wage. Minimum wage is a big problem in today's economy, and it's one of the most studied topics right now. With prices like rent and food going up, it's makes it harder to live off of $8.31 an hour. Minimum wage needs to be raised because with prices for goods are going up and it's harder to survive. Minimum wage is to low for the prices we have. For families, it's harder for them to provide shelter and food every night. If the things we need to survive go up, why isn't minimum wage? About 3.75 million people are making near minimum wage. I feel minimum wage ties together with poverty. When someone isn't making enough money to pay their house then eventually you’re going get evicted. …show more content…
Minimum wage has been around for almost 100 years. It is affected more than 70% of the population causing it harder to survive. Things like food, shelter, clothes, and more are hard to afford with $8.31 an hour. Some possibilities that can help people live better is if increase the earned income tax credit. This benefits the low and middle class income household. This can be more efficient than raising the minimum wage since some minimum wage works are teens. We can also fight for minimum wage to go up, but for inflammation to either remain where it is or lower. If inflation goes up with minimum wage, then it never really changed. They're organizations out there fighting for minimum wage and working to help the people. Groups like 15 Now and The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) are both fighting for the same goal. These organizations are all fighting for the same goal. They want minimum wage to increase, but not for inflammation to. They're fighting against poverty and inequality for millions. The Center for Popular Democracy fights for things like paid sick time for workers. They want for up to 10 workers to 5 days of paid time a year without the fear of losing their job. Both organizations have different ways of contributing to make a change. You can help donate money for the company so that they can be worldwide. That way they can be known all over the globe and not just in one place. You can also just sign the petition so they have a lot of people to show really care about the minimum wage. If we stand together we can make a change. We need to realize we are the ones with the power and use it to our