Minimum Wage Persuasive Research Paper

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In a time of economic turmoil in the United States, making money to support yourself can be quite the challenge. Finding a career job is one thing, but even trying to find something as simple as a minimum wage job can be extremely challenging. In today’s world, is a minimum wage job enough to sustain a living in the United States?
“Absolutely not, in the sense of living in an evolutionary stand point yes you can get enough money to feed yourself and maybe house yourself in a 1 bed room apartment but that's all that you're capable of doing,” said Mickey Howells, a 21 year-old college student who worked his first minimum wage job at age 17.
Howells see’s the bigger picture.
“You end up not having enough time for your own dreams and ambitions because you don’t have enough money to think,” said Howells. “It's quite said in
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What about here in Pennsylvania? How would workers, present and past, feel about the minimum wage being increased?
“I feel like people that are making above minimum wage will get devalued,” said Christopher Linvill, a worker at Philadelphia Pretzel Factory. “I make a pretty decent amount at Pretzel Factory now. Why should someone who hasn’t put in the time, work and effort I have put in automatically match my salary?”
Dave Garber, a former marine on the other hand, believes that minimum wage should be increased proportionally.
“I believe that all wages should be raised, proportionally. Example 7.25 to 15, 10 to 17, 12 to 18, 14 to 19, 15 to 21... etc.,” said Garber.
“Capitalism is a beast that thrives on globalism and the exploitation of people for profits. We have the largest wage gap we've seen... but I don't want to see small businesses fail because of over regulation; health care impacts budgets and workers lose hours.”
Whether or not the minimum wage gets increased in Pennsylvania is still yet to be