Minimum Wage Research Paper

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Rose Noel

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The minimum wage

Time has change, so has technology, the prices of items and even real estate has changed. However one thing that hasn't change is the minimum wage. There are three classes in the United States which consist of: Poor, Middle and Upper class. The upper class usually own and run a business where the poor and middle class work for them, so paying them less money is better. The minimum wage has become the main issue for politicians and economist. Advocate and critics who’s rich are trying their best to stop U.S congress from raising the minimum wage every time an amendment present to them. While most individuals think increase the minimum wage will benefit the poor and the middle class, others believe it will be a bad idea. In my opinion increasing the minimum wage will benefits many individuals especially the poor families.

The minimum wages need to be increase; many families are struggling and boiling water for a living. Individuals who work in a fast food restaurants and have responsibly can’t really afford to have a basic life when they are getting paid $7.25 hour. According to the articles “The Minimum – Wage War, “Wage itself has lost more than 12 percent of its value since it was last hiked to $7.25 in 2007” (Dickinson). This statistic shows the minimum wages today is 12% than the year 2007. For many working American, an increase in the minimum wage would make a different. Furthermore, the cost of living in the united Sates has gone up considerably and many can’t really afford a renting