Mining in Arizona Essay

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Mining in Arizona
About 65 percent of the nation's copper is mined in Arizona
In 2005,  72 mining companies operating 126 mines in Arizona and 70 sand and gravel quarries operated throughout the state
Employs nearly 22,000 people
The direct and indirect economic impact of mining is estimated at about 3.5 billion dollars annually  277 million is exports abroad
Many important deposits in central Arizona are associated with Precambrian volcanic activity
Arizona is believed to have potential for undiscovered metallic, non-metallic, and other resources, including oil and gas, coalbed methane, helium, carbon dioxide, and geothermal.

Mining in Nevada
Company estimates that $5 billion in gold, silver is untapped in the hills
It has been amassing property to mine for a decade
Residents worry that the new mining will endanger tourism, historic areas
$5 billion  Suspected value of available gold and silver.
$10 million  Expected value of newly discovered deposit.
6,519  Estimated ounces of gold already being processed
55,770  Estimated ounces of silver already being processed.
360,000  Tons of dry material stacked at company's leach facility

Farming in Arizona
Ranching and agriculture form the state's second largest source of revenue. Together they contribute $10.3 billion to the state’s economy
15,000 farms and ranches produce enough beef annually to feed over 4.6 million Americans due to a lack of freezing temperatures, crops are planted and harvested