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Minerals play an important part in our lives every day. You probably sleep on a mattress with metal strings, or you used electricity that has been generated by coal. Minerals that we use everyday are found in the Earth’s crust. Minerals are found in mineral ores and it takes a lot of time, effort and money to get the rocks containing mineral ores out of the ground, separate the mineral ores from the rock and extract the mineral from the ore.

The mining industry makes a major contribution to Australia’s economy. Many scientists and engineers are involved in this industry on a daily basis. As with any industry there are many factors affected including how many people are employed, the impact on the natural environment or the safety risks associated with the work.

In this assignment you need to research different methods of mining and record some of the key ecological, economic and social factors arising from the mining.

Your Tasks
Part A - Mining Methods Research Table (9 marks)
Open-cut, dredge, underground and leach mining methods are all used in Australia. Complete the research table outlining each of these methods. You will need to find and use information from the internet to complete this task. There are some sites listed below the will help you, remember you should always read information from a few trusted sites (e.g. government sites, research sites or industry sites) and then write your answers in your own words.

Part B – Mining Factors Graphic Organiser (9 marks)
Choose one of the above methods and identify and record the key ecological, economic and social factors that arise when this mining method is used. Use the graphic organiser to record your notes.

Part C – Mining Report (21 marks)
Write a report about the use of your chosen mining method. You should include an outline of the method with both the positives and negatives described, the implications for using or not using this method, possible alternatives to the method and ideas that may improve the method or reduce/ increase its use.

Resources to access
Science Quest 8 Textbook Chapter 9 (specifically chapter 9.5)
Science discovery – Website:
Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (Bureau of Mining and Petroleum) - Website:
Geoscience Australia - Websites: and
Queensland Resources Council - Website:
Part A - Mining Methods Research Table (9 marks)

Type of mining
Where is it used?
Minerals mined this way
Explanation of process
Open-cut mining

Dredge mining

Underground mining

Leach mining

Part B – Mining Factors Graphic Organiser (9 marks) NOTE: Only bullet points are accepted.

USE OF MINING (especially in Australia)

Ecological factors:

Economic factors:

Social factors:

Part C – Mining Report (21 marks)

Use the information from your research table and your graphic organiser to write a report about mining in Australia. This report should focus on one mining method.

Your report should be typed in 12 point font and be approximately 1000 words in total. It should be written in your own words using the learning you have acquired from your research.

Use the following headings in your report and include the key information underneath these based on the dot point provided. Remember, there is no right or wrong to a lot of these questions, however you do need to do some research and reading to be able to answer them in your own words.

1. Introduction (2 marks)
An introduction to mining in Australia including what it is and where it occurs
2. Outline of the mining method (5 marks)
An overview of the mining method, including both positive and negative