Women Are Better Listeners

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a) I think women are better listeners
• Women are better listeners because we have a natural instinct to care, listen to, and nurture those in our lives.
• Women give advice from their own experiences
• Listen intently
• Women are compassionate
• Women are supportive
• They talk way too much about one thing
• Have a tendency to act all-knowing
• Show more emotion than what is needed
• Are gossipers
• Annoying at times
b) Capital punishment is no deterrent to crime
• Zero percent chance they'll kill again • Not supporting a criminal in jail for a lifetime
• Wont get on parole and commit their crimes again • Discouragement of crime • Closure for the surviving victims/loved ones Con: • Life without parole means the prisoner is taken off the streets for good • Execution is expensive • Innocent people may die • Killing the killer doesn't make the government any better • Poor people don't have the income to get good defense
c) “hard” sciences such as math are more difficult than “soft” sciences such as sociology
• More prepared for life situations • Fewer people are good at "hard" sciences in comparison to "soft" sciences • Larger expansion of knowledge • Being accurate • "hard" sciences are usually less intuitively understandable than "soft" sciences Con: • Missing job opportunities because less knowledge of each type of science • Many "soft" sciences like sociology are based on observations, which, while