Minority College Student Final 2 Essay

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Barbara Cogswell
February 10, 2015
College Composition 1
Professor Mac Auslan
Process essay on advice to a college student

“Best Advice” Every person whether they are black, white, Asian, or Hispanic has the right to go to college. No person or persons should feel as if they cannot or should not because of their race, religion or culture. If I were to give advice to a white college student who was about to enter college in which they were the minority it would be to be open minded about your college experience, find campus activities to join and face racism head on. There will be obstacles to overcome but with these simple pieces of advice the college student should do well. The college student’s first step should be try to keep an open mind about attending a college where he or she will be the minority. If that student keeps an open mind to what opportunities might be available to him or her at this college, they could possibly see past any racism that is going on. Also when keeping an open mind, a minority student will open up to new friendships that they might not have had before. Having the new friendships will open that student up to other cultures and races that they possibly would not have had the opportunity to meet if they had attended an all-white college. The second piece of advice that I would give a new college student would be to join campus activities. This also allows the student to learn and to impress upon others that they are willing to be learn new things. In addition, the minority student should try to join campus activities that are part of their culture. This can help the new college