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Novel Notes
Chapter 1 The narrator, Victor Frankenstein, tells about his family background and his past in Geneva. Victor tells that his father, Alphonse Frankenstein, was the protector of his good friend’s daughter, Caroline, after her own father had died. Soon after, Alphonse and Caroline got married and had Victor two years later. On a trip to Italy, when Victor is five years old, Caroline discovers a blonde, far skinned orphan named Elizabeth and adopts her. She decides then that one day Victor and Elizabeth would get married. Furthermore, Victor describes his loving friendship with Elizabeth growing up.
Chapter 2 Victor grows up happily as an intelligent child who is increasingly interested in philosophy and the natural world, through reading and studying books. Also, he keeps a close friendship with his childhood friend, Henry Cerval and Elizabeth.
Chapter 3 When Victor is about to leave for college, his mother catches scarlet fever from Elizabeth who she had been nursing back to health. On her deathbed, she wished that Victor and Elizabth would get married. After a few weeks, Victor leaves to go to the University of Ingolstadt and meets Mr. Krempe who informs him that he has been wasting his time studying the alchemists and he should study natural philosophy. He attends Mr. Waldman’s lecture in chemistry and becomes convinced that he should take part in the science studies.
Chapter 4 Soon, Victor starts to dedicate his life to his studies of the creation of life, how it is built, and how it falls apart, while neglecting everything else, family, friends, social life, and the outside world. After completing his studies, he stays in his apartment “discovering the secret of life.”
Chapter 5 After months of work, Victor creates a monster that terrifies him and he leaves his apartment to only come across his friend Henry. He convinces himself to return to the apartment to find the monster missing. Frightened and overwhelmed, Victor becomes ill due to the isolation and fearfulness. Henry nurses Victor to health and gives him a letter written by Elizabeth.
Chapter 6 Within the letter, Elizabeth tells of her concern for Victor’s health. Also, she talks about the family back in Geneva and how a girl who used to live in the Frankenstein household, Justin Mortiz, has moved back in. Once Victor recovers, he introduces Henry to his science professors at the university. However, seeing the different instruments and the science environment worsens his illness so he decides to return to Geneva and takes a waking tour through the country.
Chapter 7 Before leaving to Geneva, Victor receives a letter from his father telling of his youngest brother, William, that had been murdered. Immediately, he leaves for Geneva with much sadness and shock. Upon arriving there, he sees the monster lurking around where William had been murdered and becomes convinced that it had killed his brother. Furthermore, he learns that Justine has been accused of murdering William and tries to convince others of her innocence. Yet, he does not tell about the monster he created.
Chapter 8 Justine confesses to the crime of killing William, however she tells Elizabeth and Victor that she is truly innocent. Soon, she is executed and Victor becomes filled with the guilt of causing two deaths in the family.
Chapter 9 Victor considers suicide to release him of his pain and guilt, however he thinks about the effects of it on Elizabeth and his father.
Chapter 10 Victor decides to travel to the Summit of Montanvert and encounters the monster there. Speaking fluently, the monster persuades him to accompany him in the cave with a fire. Once inside, the monster tellsVictor of the events in his life.
Chapter 11 The monster tells Victor about his encounters with the discovery of sensations, including light, dark, hunger, thirst, and cold. He tells of his search for food and scaring people along his journeys. Furthermore, he describes his