The Use Of Cell Phones

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Gaby Badre (Professor Badre MD, PhD- NeurologistBOC Sleep Centre) shows that students that use cell phones a lot experience restlessness and disruptive sleep patterns.
For instance, cheating on tests through texting, cyberbullying, taking photos or videos of others, including teachers, without their knowledge. will exacerbate poor writing and grammar skills and is therefore counterproductive to the reason we are there in the first place.
We are now dealing with 'Generation Text' instead of 'Generation X'," said Ken Trump, President of National School Safety and Security Services. "The rumors typically become greater than the issue, problem, or incident itself. Attendance can go down overnight and rumors can fly in minutes," he noted.

In November 2010, a Mississippi federal court identified no Fourth Amendment violation when a teacher seized, and administrators reviewed, photos and text messages in a cell phone confiscated from a boy who used it in violation of a schoolwide ban (J.W. v. Desoto County School District, 2010). Of course, the seizure was allowed because the school had a policy prohibiting the possession or use of cell phones at school. The issue in this case was the legitimacy of the search of the phone’s contents, which included incriminating pictures of the student wearing what appeared to be gang clothing.

Klump v. Nazareth Area School District (2006). In this case, a teacher confiscated a student’s cell phone because it was visible during class – which was in violation of school policy (it accidentally fell out of the student’s pocket). The teacher and assistant principal then searched through the cell phone’s number directory and attempted to call nine other Nazareth students to determine if they too were in violation of the policy. They also accessed text and voice mail messages and communicated with the student’s brother without indicating to him that they were school staff.