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Why it’s Finally Time for Marijuana to be legalized
By: Ben Gallagher

A 2012 survey done by Ipsos- Reid exhibited that 66 percent of Canadians supported the decriminalization or legalization of marijuana. Many major politicians have positively reinforced the legalization of marijuana. Trudeau, Darrell Dexter, Kathleen Wynne, Jim Flahaery, Tom Muclair and Brad W all admit that they’ve used the drug and believe it should be legalized.

A survey published by Halifax-based Corporate Research Associates Inc. shows that 49 percent of Nova Scotian’s are for the legalization of marijuana versus 42 percent being opposed.

There are many health issues associated with marijuana.

“Like any sort of smoke it is an irritant to humans lungs. Marijuana smoke can have many of the same respiratory problems experienced in tobacco smokers. Marijuana increases your heart rate between 20-100 percent after smoking.” Said Abby

There are also the mental health issues. A series of large studies done by Health Canada in 2013, which followed users across a long period of time showed a link between marijuana use and a later development of psychosis.

Marijuana was originally prohibited for many different reasons, none of them due to the negative health benefits. “The driving factor in the prohibition of marijuana stemmed from racism and corporate greed.” Said Brad a Dalhousie Criminology Major.

In the early 1900s, bad relationships were formed between illegal and legal Mexican immigrants. The great depression elevated this rivalry. The fact that Mexicans were growing pot for a large profit didn’t stick well with the powerful figures.

Around the same time marijuana branched out onto the jazz scene, where marijuana crazed blacks and Mexicans, were said to be attacking women and small children. In 1937 DuPont and Hearst, two individuals that would dramatically benefit from the prohibition of pot, raised these allegations. DuPont and Hearst were said to have squashed the hemp trade because they saw it as a possible competitor to wood-pulp paper and nylon.

Marijuana has many positive health benefits. “It’s been found to suppress cancer, treat Multiple sclerosis,
Reduce blood pressure and treat glaucoma.” Said Abby.

Marijuana can be used to treat many different symptoms. “Marijuana’s used to treat nausea, loss of appetite, chronic pain and anxiety.” Said Abby

Marijuana has two main ingredients that are used to treat the above conditions. The first ingredient is Cannabis, which helps reduce pain and other symptoms. The other active ingredient is antiemetic, which is what helps deal with nausea and vomiting.

There are currently 10 medications that contain chemicals taken from the marijuana plant. Used to treat conditions ranging from multiple sclerosis to the treatment of nausea.

Charlotte Figi a seven-year-old girl, suffered hundreds of seizures a week. She was the first child in Colorado to be legally treated with cannabis since medical marijuana was decriminalized. Charlotte's recovery has been unpredictable "She is getting a re-do of all the years she was robbed by epilepsy," said her mother Paige Figi (Told the Huffington post)
Pot itself isn’t a dangerous substance. It is what is associated with the cannabis industry. “ When something is illegal, it is associated with criminals. Marijuana is a substance that is going to be purchased whether it is legal or illegal” said Brad.

A Halifax based research group known as Corporate Research Associates Inc, recently discovered that the Canadian government spends 4$ on the war on drugs for every 1$ spent on health care. These figures include, the price of tracking the production and trafficking chain as well as the price of incarceration.
The legalization of marijuana would result in a positive economic spin on Canada’s economy.
“By legalizing pot we could kill two birds with one stone, we could regulate the product as well as put millions of drug dealers out of