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Evaluate line 2 of Mirikitani’s poem “Recipe” (Insert L), focusing on the words “Scotch magic transparent tape.” Discuss the denotative / connotative meanings of the words “Scotch”, “magic”, and “transparent” and explain the tone the words set for the poem, collectively and individually.

In Janice Miriktani’s poem “Recipe”, she redirects the central cultural standards of beauty. The recipe is basically instructions on how to change facial features on a woman. In the time that “Recipe” was written, it was a time where segregation and equal rights were becoming a major issue. One of the ingredients to making round eyes is scotch magic transparent tape. The directions call for the tape to be cut into different lengths and placed on the eyelid area. Once the scotch magic transparent tape is in place, you are to paint black eyeliner on the tape and entire lid. Scotch magic transparent tape, when place on a surface, looks like it is not even there. So when used to change the look of eyes to round eyes, it is an easy clean up. Many women look to other figures or facial features of people they believe to be their role models and want to have the same features as them. The words “Scotch,” “magic,” and “transparent” are connotative. I say this because when you think of Scotch transparent tape, it is often used when wrapping presents for birthdays, Christmas, or other celebrations. In the poem “Recipe,” it is used to change the appearance of a woman or a young