What Is Building A Successful Ebusiness

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Building a Successful eBusiness

The FedEx Story

• FedEx Corporation - Has about 30% of the market share and annual revenue in excess of
$19 billion.
• Due it the format in which it has positioned itself, it is able to handle more than 100 million transactions per day

FedEx Three-Tier Architecture

Application Tier
• Consists of distributed application servers of wide-area networks
• These servers perform functions such as transportation and warehouse management based upon customer requests.

They can either retrieve data from, or write to the data repositories residing in the mainframe.
These are distributed among countries within a region to serve regional business operations such as Europe and Asia Pacific.
These are accessed through Intercountry connections via International Leased Lines

Access Tier
• Encompasses the media through which customers and remote FedEx employees can access the FedEx infrastructure to use server applications and retrieve real-time information from various databases

Access is made possible through four access media: • Web Based
• Non-Web-Based
• Dumb Terminals
• Radio Data Terminals

Data Tier
• Enables any company department to access and compile data and reports needed to run operations. • It consists of various databases residing in a mainframe and a data warehouse program made up of systems applications, such as billing, customer records and package tracking.

Communication Protocols
• Between each of the tiers within the three-tier architecture slide shown earlier, are communications protocols that Fed-Ex uses.
• This allows for easier and better communications between each system and allows for applications running at different times to communicate across different networks and systems.

Integrating Business Processes
• FedEx has made use of the internet to grow its business and build better one-to-one