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Description of Group Project for Spring 2014 MIS 204
ORGANIZATION OF GROUPS: The project will be done in groups of 4-5 people. You may organize into a group during the week of January 27, 2014. By February 3, your group will provide a description of the subject that you have selected. The group project for this course will be to create and present (and submit) a design for a start-up business at the end of the semester. The one page description of the project will include names of group members and a description of the subject matter. Group(s) will be formed by me, the instructor on or before February 10. Please don’t make me do that, as it lessens the amount of time that you have to turn in the one page description!!!
The project will be organized into six segments: (1) Short Business Plan including a Mission Statement (2) Software Requirements (3) Hardware / Network Components (4) IT policies and Security Procedures (5) Sustainability Factors and (6) Presentation/Submission of materials.
(1). Short Business Plan including Mission Statement 20% of grade
What are the business opportunities?
What are our business priorities?
How can information technologies provide information systems solutions that address our business priorities?
Creation of the organization including:
Management Structure
Business Activities
(2). Software Requirements 15% of grade
Document input, processing, output, storage and control
Determine specific business information needs
Determine what type of information each business activity requires.
Determine the information processing each system activity is needed to meet these needs:
Quality, efficiency, flexibility, security, connectivity, maintenance, documentation, and hardware required

(3). Hardware / Network Components 15% of grade
Must acquire hardware, software
How do we evaluate and select it?
May score different products
Determine evaluation factors
Assign each product points on each factor:
Performance, cost, reliability, compatibility, technology, connectivity, scalability, and software support
Simulate processing of task and evaluate the performance

(4). IT policies and Security Procedures 15% of grade

What are the company’s policies on the following situations?
Spam and virus protection
Email and Instant Messaging
Internet usage