Mis 589 Week 2 You Decide Essay

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Donvail Wilson MIS 589 Week #2 You Decide
After carefully interviewing the Stake holders of the Leonard Cooper Charter School, several issues were observed. The first noticeable concern was the print server. Their management of print jobs on the print server are called into question because of the many collisions on the print server. They are presently using a half-duplex system for their print jobs. A half-duplex system provides signal communication in both directions, however only one direction at a time. A good example of this technology might be two-way radios. The person listening must wait until the transmitter concludes the signal transmission before responding to the call otherwise a collision will occur and
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The switch communicates with the printer. With proper configuration, this hardware set up will be the resolution to the printer collision issue because the switches would manage the print jobs.
Fortunately, today's wireless technology is cutting edge therefore remedying the ideal solution for networking the classroom computers. There are a number of benefits involved in adding wireless technology to an existing computer network. To begin with, it's much more cost effective. There is a lot more money required to have additional cabling installed. With a wireless router, one modem, and a host of wireless antennas strategically located throughout the building, this will enable all computers the needed access to the internet. Depending on the standard that is chosen, wireless can have speed from 11 Mbps to 100 Mbps. The wireless technology that is recommended is the IEEE 802.11n. The 802.11n has more speed and range than the other standards. Wireless networks also offer easy file access regardless of which part of the building you are in. It allows easy transfer of the files between your laptops and desktops. Another reason for wireless is you will always have a connection to the internet. Wireless network technology runs at speeds far greater than broadband internet access. (Garfield, 2006).
Based on the many issues discovered in regards to the backbone of the computer network structure, perhaps a more thorough approach is needed. The backbone