Mis: Decision Theory and Mcdonalds Essay

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Management Information System

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Table of Contents
Introduction to McDonalds 3
McDonalds Mission Statement 4
Aims and Objectives of McDonalds 4
Main Aims Of McDonalds 4
Objectives of McDonalds 4
Key Performance Indicators 5
Key Performance Indicators of McDonalds 6
Environmental Analysis 7
Remote/ External Environment 7
Internal / Industry Environment 8
SWOT Analysis for McDonalds 10
Decision making Levels 13
Strategic Level 13
Strategic level decision that implemented in McDonalds 13
Tactical Level 14
Tactical level decision that can take place in McDonalds 14
Operational Decisions 15
Operational level decisions that can take place on McDonalds 15
Information Systems 16
1) Transaction Processing Systems 16
2) Management Information Systems 16
3) Decision Support Systems 17
Information Systems and Competitive Advantages 18
Customer Relation Management 19
Ethical aspects of the Information Systems 20
Reference 21

Introduction to McDonalds

McDonalds is the world biggest fast food chain for hamburgers which has been in operating since 1955. It has franchised its brand and has around 30,000 restaurants in around 1200 countries. McDonalds has around 1 million employees around the world which 84000 of them are in UK. The revenue of this company comes from its franchisers, rent and company operated restaurants. According to the sources it had revenue of $27.5 billion and $5.5 Billion of profits. The headquarters of this company is located in Oak Brook, Illinois. McDonald’s operates charities such as McHappy Day. They offer vast diversity of foods to customers such as Burgers, Sandwiches, Salads, Chips, Hot Drinks, and Cold Drinks etc...

McDonalds Mission Statement
The Mission of McDonalds is to be “our customer’s favorite place and way to eat and drink”. According to this mission statement it clearly shows that McDonalds cares about the customer satisfaction.
Aims and Objectives of McDonalds

Aims and Objectives of an organization help the growth of the organization. Aims and Objectives simply answer the two main questions in an organization. What are an Organization is trying to archive, what are the methods using to archive those goals?

Main Aims Of McDonalds

1) Food with a High Standard
2) Socially Responsible
3) Provide good returns to its share holders
Objectives of McDonalds

1) Increase the variety of food for the customers
2) Participate and increase the money spent on charities to 3%
3) Increase the sales by 30% by end of 2017 and increase the share in 10%

Key Performance Indicators

KPI also referred as Key to Success. KPI is a set of factors that a company uses to measure its performance therefore a company might use it to find out the success rate of their plans. There are two main types of Key Performance Indicators.

1) Quantitative Indicators
This type is be measured with numbers as an example Profits gained in the last year for a company can Quantitative as it can be measured with numbers

2) Qualitative Indicators
This type can’t be measured but hence still evaluated, as an example Customers trust for a product can’t be measured but it’s an important factor to an organization

Key Performance Indicators of McDonalds

Customer satisfaction Rate
Customer satisfaction rate is a KPI is the main KPI for McDonalds as this company is focusing on their Customer needs. If the quality of the food is not acceptable or the place is not hygienic to consume food customers will find other alternatives and which will get McDonalds out of the business and profit.

Sustainable Supply chain
This is one major factor which the company have a close relation. McDonalds produce vast number of products in a day and if there is a delay in supplying materials which are used to make the production company is going to lose their profits.

Growing the business profitably