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American Chain and Gears

Website and Mobile Site Plan

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After looking at American Chain and Gears website, I realized that it needed to be updated and have a mobile site as well. Having an interactive website is a very important thing for a company to have because of how many people go onto the internet to find what they want. One popular company that makes a profit would be home depot, and they had an increase in sales and profits because of the website and is a well known company and continues to grow each year. American Chain and Gears can do the same, if they get their name out there and update their website with a mobile version.

Brief Company Background
American Chain and Gears was founded in 1927 in Los Angeles, California. The company specializes in custom gears, sprockets, specialized and stock power transmission, and conveying equipment. American Chain and Gears then later began distributing several lines of equipment such as: Browning, Martin Sprockets, Linn Gear, Arrow Gear, American Metric Corporation. The company specialized the gears for customer’s as well as machinery needs.

Business Problem
Company is losing out on an entire other side of sales they could make because they don’t have an interactive website for their customers to go to, or a mobile version of the site to look at, for the people that use their phones on the go. With the website American Chain and Gears has right now would not keep the average customer on the site for very long. According to HYPERLINK "", “The average time per person visiting a webpage is about two minutes and thirty-seven minutes.” There are also Since each company doesn’t have that much time to draw customers into their website they can lose sales if they don’t draw them into their page at the very start. The other problem is that a lot of people nowadays are using their phones or other mobile devices to search places and web pages online. If there isn’t a mobile version for the web page you can lose customers that way because of the possible load time it would take as well as the web page being too small for the customer to view what’s going on. If you look at diagram#1 it shows you how important mobile devices and the percentage of how many people visit HYPERLINK "" and it’s not even an e-commerce page.

High Level Solution
The solution on how to get customers to be drawn to American Chain and Gears’ website would be to make the website interactive for the customers as well as creating a website redirect for mobile devices so that the customers can look at the site on the go, as well.
Another solution would be to create an e-commerce page for the website, where the customers could order there products that they are looking for and make a comment box for the customized dimensions that the part needs to be.
Add search engine optimization for the website so that people can find the website easier because there are a lot of people out there that haven’t heard of this company.
Add social media for company through facebook and twitter to get the companies name out their and