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Chad Klein
Professor Phelps
Management Information Systems
4 March 2015
Social Media and Mobile Impacts Changing the business world is something that does not happen too often. However, in recent years the economic downturn led to some interesting ideas being brought to the forefront. With all the stress placed on businesses from the Recession, this has led to people within the different companies developing new and improved ways to make money efficiently. The new passion in these young minds of business men and women led to the creation of things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites. These helped connect not only different people across the country, but they intertwined the business world by allowing companies to make new relationships with customers they previously would have never been able to do.
Along with the social networks, the ease of access because of the mobile phones has reshaped the world we live in. The impact of the mobile phone has done nothing but improve all aspects of the business environment. Managers and employees have an easier way of communication with each other and the customers. Communicating through the mobile phone can be varied as well from social networking, text messages, phone calls, e-mails, or any form the phone can handle. The most important aspect is the mobile part because it allows the people involved to continue living their lives while simultaneously conducting business and make money. Both social media and mobile access are part of the Nexus of Forces determined by several analysts who look at what different things impact the business world technologically. These two forces of technologies are the most vital to the success of the business environment in today’s world.
Social media seems to be growing in popularity each and every day. More and more people have access and sites to connect with each other on and the business world is capitalizing on the ability to interact with regular and potential customers. The society that businesses operate in now dictates that information is made ready and available at all points throughout the day. The business day is not simply eight hours long. It is a full twenty-four hours. This trend puts a lot of pressure on information technology because companies must find ways to stay current and popular with the consumer. Some companies may have struggled to stay with the times because their team members were getting older and losing touch with what the younger crowd wants. The social media developments leveled the playing field for all industries, but if the person in control of the sites does not know how to handle those networks the company will look lost.
Companies can use these social networking sites to help establish themselves with the consumers. They are able to advertise and promote their products through their Twitter page. They can place updates on their Facebook page for sales coming up, or they can use both of them to speak with their employees and provide discounts or work updates. These tools used correctly can explain unique details of the company and list company hours etc. on their pages. They can provide details about the company that would allow the person to obtain business from the comfort of their own home. By having the social media aspect a part of the company, this allows companies to gain an edge within their respective markets. They are able to fight in the corporate and business world by staying modern in a world that is constantly evolving technologically. Having the social media aspect to the company allows them to gain a competitive advantage over others who do not possess one.
The benefits are immense when a company decides to embrace this attitude toward business. This allows the company to be young and popular with the youth of America. They can comment on issues that are relevant within American culture and connect with the consumer on a more personal level. Through Facebook and