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3. What kind of information and services does the Web site provide for individuals, small businesses and large businesses? List these services and write several paragraphs describing one of them, such as UPS Trade Direct or Automated Shipment Processing. Explain how your business would benefit from the service.

More and more people are looking to the web for the products and services they need. Consumers want to be able to access products and services online and businesses have to obey consumer expectations! The Internet is the most economical and efficient way to do business. A web site is a great sales multiplier for any product or service, business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B). UPS has used the Web
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Shipments move seamlessly from the factory to end customers or retail stores, getting new and high-value products to market faster while reducing unnecessary handling and storage costs in the process.
By combining international air freight, customs brokerage and the multi-modal delivery services of UPS, Trade Direct Air can help streamline the supply chain and accelerate the speed to market. As with all Trade Direct services, UPS consolidates ones shipment, brokers and transports it to the destination country. Upon clearance and arrival at the gateway, UPS deconsolidates the bulk shipment into individual shipments and promptly delivers them directly to the customers or retail stores, bypassing warehouses and distribution centers.

 Features
 Door-to-door or airport-to-door service
 Consolidated customs clearance
 Single interface tracking and visibility for company and its customers
 Package or LTL delivery services
 Consolidated billing inclusive of customs brokerage, duties, transportation and delivery charges
 Designed for multi-shipment air freight consolidations with a total weight in excess of 100Kgs (220 Lbs.)
 Benefits
 Improves service and speed to market
 Reduces handling and dependency on fixed assets
 24-hour access to online shipping and tracking information
 Single-source solution