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The system development life cycle is the process in which maintains the cycle of designing, structuring and maintaining the information system. It follows the general routine of analysis and determine, development, testing and assess of the new system and maintenance. From the definitions online, the system development life cycle has eight phases. First the system investigation, then the design, the environments, the testing, the training and transition, the operations and maintenance and last the evaluation. Even though the technology in each of the eight phases are different, they all have similar concepts. Whereas, for a effective and efficient system development life cycle to function, the company must acknowledge their ultimate goal.
Management must consider the cost and return of solving certain problems when using the information system. It is critical for the company to make sure that the information system they are using is the most benefiting and fitting for them. In both online sources and the book, suggestions were made for the company to figure out how the business environment they are in and understand their need and suspense from the new system. In the designing phase, the company should focus on creating screened layouts, diagrams, and business rules to follow. It is suggested that an experienced software engineer would then convert the pseudo-code to the actual program with minimal additional input. Then afterwards, test runs should be made to make sure