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Supporting Mobile Health Clinics: The Children’s Health Fund of New York City

Tony Thai Duong
Columbia Southern University

Today’s technology has greatly contributed to the society’s development, to include medical service. These technologies are not only convenient but also helpful than it was years ago. People are still utilized treatments in the hospitals even with the existence of those modernized medical technologies. With this reason, a lot of people are diagnosed with severe health issues that were not prevented from the beginning. Mobile Health Clinics have contributed a lot in the healthcare service within the United States. The Mobile Health clinics provide healthcare services to the people without health insurance, both children and adults, as well as migrant workers. They also provide care for the poor and homeless. The existence of Mobile Health Clinics is a convenient way to access to medical care for all of patients with a less costs and time. According with Mobile Health Map, a branch of Mobile Health Clinics, there are about 2,000 Mobile Health Clinics currently in the US. They are not only providing healthcare to the citizens but also helping natural disasters’ the victims.

Brown, DeHayes, Hoffer, Martin, and Perkins (2012) stated that the New York Children’s Health Project that is simply pertained to NYCHP was put in motion in 1987. Dr. Irwin Redlener, a pediatrician and a famous songwriter/singer Paul Simon, established it. Dr. Redlener’s dream was to provide medical care to the people who could not afford the hospital’s cost. It was when Dr. Redlener saw a “Volunteers in Services to America” poster while he was working in the pediatrics clinic of Denver’s hospital.
By the time Dr. Redlener heard about Mr. Paul Simon’s interest in reaching out to the poor, he did not think twice about sharing his advocacy to Mr. Simon. Later, Mr. Simon accepted Dr. Redlener’s proposal and together they gave birth to New York Children’s Health Project (Brown et al., 2012). With the existence of Mobile Medical Clinics, many of the people have an opportunity to be healthy. Their illnesses were well treated and prevented. Not only medical care, Mobile Medical Clinics are also providing dental care, and mental health care. But with some loopholes of the technical issue of the Mobile Medical Clinics services, people are not well served. Some services could not provided by Mobile Medical Clinics cause people have to seek treatment where else. However, quite a few people who could not afford the cost chose not to ignore their health issues. The other good thing about Mobile Medical Clinics is they respond very quickly to natural disasters such as hurricane, earthquake and tornado etc. and provide the affected people with the best medical care. Even though with a lot of predicaments present, the Mobile Medical Clinics have progressed every well. Mobile Medical Clinics mission is to provide medical help to the underprivileged with the difficult challenges that they are facing so they can continue with their life. With the continuously best support to the healthiness…