Essay about Misconceptions: Pride and Prejudice and Elizabeth’s Imperfections

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Throughout each day individuals encounter different people whom they have never met before, while this encounter occurs the human brain creates a quick judgment of the person. Often when this happens the individual is deceived into believing the person to have certain qualities that might actually be absent in the other person’s characteristics. In Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, first impressions construct a misleading nature that often carries the character to create a false judgment, which eventually leads to the individual’s downfall.
When Elizabeth, the main protagonist, receives a letter from Mr. Darcy regarding both Mr. Wickham and himself, she becomes infused with feelings of disgrace and humiliation. The instant Elizabeth took in consideration Mr. Darcy’s setbacks she becomes aware that her displeasure towards him originates from people’s harsh contemplations of him and her own rapid judgments. As Elizabeth reads the letter she concludes “In farther justification of Mr. Darcy… proud and repulsive as were his manners, she had never… seen anything that betrayed him to be unprincipled of unjust.” Although he is portrayed as arrogant, by Elizabeth and the rest of the citizens, his only downfall is his privation of social skills and lack of providing a proper first impression. In contrast to her new opinions of Mr. Darcy, once Elizabeth contemplated on Mr. Wickham’s actions, she realizes the reasons for her admiration towards him was his false charisma and the approval he gained from her during their first socialization with one another. Yet immediately after Mr. Darcy saves her from her own blindness, she loses all respect and affection regarding Mr. Wickham, then…