Misdirection and Disorientation Essay

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April 21, 2015

Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management
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Table of Contents
Introduction 5
1. Case Study 6
1.1 Identified Problems 6
2. Analysis of Key Factors 9
2.1 Lack of Experience 9
2.2 Human Resource 9
2.2 Poor Management 10
3. Conclusion and Recommendations 11
3.1 Engagement / Internal Communication 11
3.2 Management Training 12
3.3 HR Procedures 12
References 13

Tourism today is as a distinct field of activity, with a more active presence in social and economic life evolving rhythms of the highest. Generator of profound transformations in social dynamics, tourism has also stated
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This is when the valet guy warned Carlos that he better move his car tight away before the manager sees him. This showed that the guy at the valet is worried about Carlos losing his job over this incident, as this was the case the previous month.

The lack of communication within the organization is apparent as Mandy did not know who had to fulfill the different functions and that a new employee was starting on that day. The cause of this may be the lack of time management and planning on behalf of the human resource department as well as the management team. Mandy also managed to discourage Carlos by saying that she though they were planning on hiring an experienced server.

Culture of the organization
The HR processes that contributed to Carlos failing on his first day were training, corporate culture, leadership, and most importantly the lack of an induction process on his first day. The culture of this organization differs from the YUM! Organization as YUM! Has a servant-leadership style. Servant-leadership as defined by Yukl (2013) is about helping other to accomplish shared objectives by facilitating individual development, empowerment, and collective work that is consistent with the health and long-term welfare of followers. This is not the case at the Golden Moon Resort and Spa.
Another distinction is the orientation program in the YUM! organization, this is used when new people are employed at the company (Frei