Misfits Illustrated In Max Jackson's Freak The Mighty

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Max is an abnormally tall kid in middle school, who is a slow learner, and Kevin is a brilliant little boy who has Morquio Syndrome, a dangerous form of dwarfism. The two develop a close friendship and spend time together with Kevin riding up on Max's shoulders. With Kevin guiding, Max carries his pocket-sized friend all over town, and the two walk on imaginary quests, pretending they are knights looking for "dragons". Kevin’s nickname is "Freak" as a result of his height, which influences his choice in naming the duo “Freak the Mighty.” When school starts, Kevin's mother and Max's grandparents suggest the boys have the same classes. Kevin helps Max with school while facing life and all the challenges that come with it. Max learns to face life and his father with the help of Kevin’s brains.
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Kevin and Max are both misfits by reason of their height and IQ. Kevin is abnormally short with a very high IQ; Max is abnormally tall with a very low IQ. They both are mocked because of their size and IQ. Most of the conflict in Freak the Mighty, is Max and Kevin against “society”, and the people in it. In the book, they were against Blade (one of the “popular kids” at school), the school itself, and Max’s father. This is a sure-enough prevalent theme in the book for the reason that all of the conflicts use it.
Author’s purpose-
The author’s purpose of writing this book was to entertain and to inform. Every book is written to entertain. Rodman Philbrick uses humor to develop the plot and describe characters. He also makes interesting characters, so that the reader can enjoy them, or relate to them. Philbrick’s purpose to write Freak the Mighty is to inform about Morquio Syndrome. He uses Freak the Mighty to shed a light on Morquio Syndrome and inform the reader about it. He uses the plot to help explain the risks of the disease, and how there is no cure.
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