Misgivings: Management and Marketing Store Essay

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I’m extremely excited about beginning my Project Management career with The Marketing Store, and look forward to working within a high quality and demanding organization. While you work diligently to ensure your customers are satisfied, it isn’t often that you think about the work involved to bring the programs to life. I first realized the amount of work involved when I took part in my company’s street promo that had taken over two years to put together, and covered two city blocks. The most important part of this team were the Project Managers working behind the scenes ensuring everyone was performing their tasks, staying on budget, and staying on time. Enthused by the idea of managing my own program, I looked further into a career as a Project Manager, and took it upon myself to develop the necessary skills and knowledge that would eventually lead me here. In this fast paced career I could make a significant contribution to the growth of the business, and the customer. To do so, I began my training at the Project Management Institute; my training has involved taking courses in Resource Management, Risk Management, and Human Resources Management. With the education I have gained and the skills I now possess, I know I can be a vital part of The Marketing Store team.

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Good afternoon Janice,
I’m emailing you to let you know that my boss is hiring, and looking for a reliable assistant. As you know, I work at The…